MU holds conference on Bye Buy Childhood campaign

Tuesday April 19th 2011

Moira Thom DP for the Diocese of Connor is pictured along with Maud Ryan and Valeria Ashe at the launch of the 'Bye Buy' Campaign in St Patrick's Church hall, Ballymena on April 16. Mothers’ Union members from across the Diocese of Connor attended a half day conference  in Ballymena on the MU’s Bye Buy Childhood campaign.

This took place in St Patrick’s Church Hall on Saturday April 16. The Bye Buy Campaign is aimed at trying to cut the levels of marketing aimed at children.

MU say research shows that 80 per cent of UK parents believe media and marketing with sexualised content is too easily accessed by children, and makes them sexually aware too young. Mothers' Union believes children should be valued as children, not consumers.

Liz Wallace and Lynne Coleman are pictured at the Enterprise Stall at the launch of the Mid Connor 'Bye Buy' campaign which was in St Patrick's Church Hall, Ballymena   The campaign will endeavour to raise awareness of the commercialisation of childhood; empower families to address the influences of the commercial world within the home, and hold the UK Government accountable to its pledge to address the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood as well as lobby political  representatives in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Connor MU Diocesan President, Moira Thom, said: “As Mothers’ Union members we want to challenge the negative side of commercialisation, particularly the commercialisation of childhood. We want to raise awareness – offering and modeling alternative Christ-exampled, Christ-led ways of living and responding.”

The conference attracted a good tumout of members from across the Diocese of Connor.

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