Restorative justice is topic of St Bart’s lunchtime lecture

Tuesday May 3rd 2011

Dr John Stannard.Dr John Stannard, Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law at Queen’s University Belfast, delivers the next lunchtime lecture at St Bartholomew’s, Stranmillis.

The lecture, on Tuesday May 10, is entitled ‘Restored and Forgiven?’

Dr Stannard writes: “It is sometimes said that we should hate the sin, but love the sinner.  The principles of restorative justice reflect this sentiment in practice by encouraging parties involved in an offence, most notably the offender and the victim, to resolve how to deal with the aftermath of the offence and its implications for the future.  In this lecture we touch on how restorative justice works and look at some of its advantages and drawbacks.”

John Stannard graduated from Oxford University in 1973 with a BA in Jurisprudence, and obtained the degree of BCL the following year. From 1974 to 1976 he was a lecturer in Roman Law at the University of Aberdeen, and has been on the staff of Queen's University since 1977. In 1989 he completed his PhD degree, and in 1992 he was promoted to the rank of Senior Lecturer. He is a member of the Society of Public Teachers of Law, of the Irish Legal History Society and of the Institute of Teaching and Learning. He is also Past President of the Irish Association of Law Teachers.

He is also belongs to St Bartholomew’s Church, where he is a member of the choir.

The lecture gets underwary at 1.10pm on May 10. Everyone is welcome and light refreshments will be available.


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