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Tuesday May 10th 2011

Mr Richard Ryan and the Ven Philip Patterson with author the Rev Stanley Gamble.  (Photograph by David McClay.)A book by the Rev Stanley Gamble celebrating 400 years of the King James Version of the Bible is now available in the Good  Book Shhop.
‘A Time to Dance’ introduces the reader to the history of the Authorised Version by answering the following questions: How did the new translation come about? Who was King James 1? Why did he call the Hampton Court Conference? Who were the main players? How did the translation process take place? And what did they give us in translation? Answers to these questions along with vivid pictures, help the reader travel back in time to the start of 17th Century.
In addition, the publication contains the remarkable religious confession of King James 1 from A Premonition to All Most Mighty Monarchs, Kings, Free Princes, and States of Christendom Works, ed. James Montague, Bishop of Winchester (1616).
Mr Gamble, curate in Knockbreda parish, was welcomed to The Good Book Shop  by its manager Mr Richard Ryan, who described the book as ‘ an important Church of Ireland contribution to the 400th Anniversary.’ The Archdeacon of Down, the Ven Philip Patterson also took time out of his busy schedule to show his support.
Cover.In the foreword to the book, the Rev Canon Dr SE Long writes: “The 400th Anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible, the Authorised Version – is being much marked because of the pivotal place it holds in the thinking and living of Christians and all others who highly value it for whatever reason. This book makes a valuable contribution to those celebrations.”
The book resulted from invitations to lecture on the subject from various church and community groups.  And Mr Gamble has committed giving the profits to good causes. The book is available at The Good Book Shop, where the 400th anniversary is being marked each day with a daily Bible reading. It is priced at £5 and is an ideal short introduction on the subject.

To order copies please contact The Good Book Shop, Tel: 028 9082 8890, email:

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