Lunchtime lecture poses question on future of creation

Tuesday August 30th 2011

The Rev Ron Elsdon.The next lunchtime lecture to be given at St Bartholomew’s Church will ask ‘Does creation have a future?’

The lecture in the church on Stranmillis Road, Belfast will be delivered by the rector of St Bartholomew’s, the Rev Dr Ron Elsdon.

Subtitled ‘Big Crunch, big freeze – or something else?’ the lecture will challenge the popular understanding of ‘heaven’ as where we are destined to live a purely spiritual existence. Rather, the New Testament builds on the Old Testament theme of the goodness of creation, and envisages ‘new heavens and new earth’ in which the physical universe we currently inhabit will be transformed in a redemptive act that flows from the cross of Christ.

The lecture will also explore how this vision intersects with cosmological forecasts of the ultimate ‘death’ of the universe in a ‘big crunch’ where gravity ultimately overcomes the expansion of the universe, or extreme cold, where it loses the battle.

The lecture takes place at 1.10 pm on Tuesday September 6.

Everyone is welcome, and there will a time for questions. Light refreshments will also be available.  


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