Outcomes of Connor Parish Survey 2011

Friday October 14th 2011

Peter Hamill analysed the results of the parish survey.Seventy nine parishes in Connor Diocese returned forms as part of the Connor Parish Survey 2011. Two parishes failed to provide returns.

The results have been analysed by Diocesan Training Co–ordinator Peter Hamill, and were distributed at Diocesan Synod on October 13. A summary of these follows.

Parishes were classified by the researcher as 24 (30%) inner–city, 30 (38%) suburban, and 25 (32%) rural.

Parishes were asked to indicate staff members from a list and had the opportunity to add in additional roles if appropriate. Some parishes felt that key volunteer roles were worth listing in this question and this is reflected in the results.

• 32 (42%) parishes indicated having curates (Stipendiary and Non Stipendiary Ministers – NSM).

• 21 (16%) parishes have retired clergy working actively in the parish, a total of 43 clergy. All retired clergy were part–time.

• 30 (28%) parishes have diocesan lay readers working actively in the parish, a total of 45 diocesan lay readers.

• 14 (18%) parishes have parish readers working actively in the parish, a total of 17 parish readers.

• 74 (94%) parishes have organists, a total of 120 organists.

• 24 (30%) parishes have administrators, a total of 26 administrators. There were 2 full–time administrators (both from the same parish) and 24 part–time administrators.

• 34 (43%) parishes have sextons, a total of 58 sextons.

• 46 (58%) parishes have cleaners, a total of 117 cleaners.

• 14 (18%) parishes have caretakers, a total of 28 caretakers.

• 16 (20%) parishes who indicated that they did not have a sexton, a cleaner or a caretaker.

• 11 (14%) parishes have youth workers, a total of 12 youth workers. Since this survey three youth workers have moved on leaving only one youth worker employed full–time. (Down and Dromore have 45 paid, full–time and part–time youth workers).

• 3 (4%) parishes have children’s workers, a total of three children’s workers. All 3 are paid and part–time.

• 2 (3%) parishes have family workers, a total of 2 family workers. Both are paid and 1 is part–time and 1 is full–time.

• 4 (5%) parishes have community workers, a total of 8 community workers. All community workers are part–time.

• 2 (3%) parishes have student workers, a total of 4 student workers.

• 1 (1%) parish has a paid part–time worship leader.

• 1 (1%) parish has a paid part–time counsellor.

Attendees at church services (October 2010)

Total number of attendees 12311
Average number of attendees 156
Largest number in one parish 600
Smallest number in one parish 26

The detailed breakdown of survey results is available to download here.

Please note percentages may add up to 99 or 101 due to rounding of figures. If parishes did not return, returned with gaps or returned incorrectly, then they have been contacted and given the opportunity to submit.





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