October 31 deadline for Synod Examination Prize

Wednesday October 19th 2011

The APCK, in association with the Church of Ireland Board of Education, has introduced The Synod Examination Prize for Church of Ireland second–level students.

With a prize fund of more than €6,000, there will be a winner within each section in each of the 12 dioceses (in the Republic of Ireland: 2nd Year – 150 Euro / pre–Leaving Certificate Examination Year – 300 Euro. In Northern Ireland: Year 10 (3) – 150 Euro (in GBP equivalent) / Year 13 (6) – 300 Euro (in GBP equivalent)).In addition, one overall winner in both sections (in the 2nd Year/Year 10 (3) Category of 350 Euro (or GBP equivalent) and the student in the Pre–Leaving Certificate Examination Year/ Year 13 (6) Category of 700 Euro (or GBP equivalent)).

The examination will be by way of project in the junior section (2nd year/Year 10) and essay in the senior section (5th year/Year 13).

The deadline for applications is October 31 2011.

To enter the Prize and obtain more information please click here



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