Mouth watering recipes from Kilconriola and Ballyclug

Wednesday November 9th 2011

Parish secretary Lorraine McBride with the cook book.Curate’s Beef and Bacon Casserole and Treasurer’s Tagliatelle are just two of the mouth watering recipes featured in a new cookery book published by the parish of Kilconriola and Ballyclug.

The project was inspired by the visit one cold morning last autumn of a parishioner to the parish office of St Patrick’s in Castle Street, Ballymena. She had found a ‘little gem of a recipe’ and wanted the parish secretary Lorraine McBride to tell her what she thought of it.

As the parishioner was leaving the office after the tasting session she commented that it would be lovely if there was a cookery book in which parishioners could pass on their family recipes for others to enjoy.

Within a week a small committee had been set up to investigate whether it was possible to get enough people to submit contents for the book, and soon the recipes began to roll in and the project was underway.

Ten months of proof readings and the setting out of recipes is over – just open the book and you too can create the Curate’s Beef and Bacon Casserole, the Treasurer’s Tagliatelle and the Secretary’s American Salad and that’s only the first three recipes in the book! This is a limited edition selling at £8 each – a great little stocking filler for cooks of all abilities!

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