St Patrick’s, Ballymena, celebrates Bible anniversary

Tuesday November 22nd 2011

The Rev Dr Stanley Gamble, speaker, and the Rev Alan Irwin who organised the KJV Display and services, looking at one of the old bibles on display in St Patrick's, Ballymena.The 400th anniversary of the King James Bible was marked in St Patrick’s, Ballymena, by a weekend of celebrations organised by curate assistant the Rev Alan Irwin.

Events included a talk given by Rev Dr Stanley Gamble, curate assistant of Knockbreda Parish Church, Belfast, about the background to this version of the Bible and how it has been treasured by monarchs and common folk alike for 400 years.

Dr Gamble released a book called ‘A Time to Dance: Celebrating 400 Years of the King James Bible’ earlier this year and explained to those present in St Patrick’s why he is so passionate about this version of the Bible. His book can be purchased from the Good Book Shop, Belfast.

The Rev Alan Irwin who organised the celebrations to mark the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible in St Patrick's, Ballymena, beside the Locked Bible.A display of old Bibles dating from 1700, acquired by Mr Irwin, was displayed in the Minor Hall. One of the Bibles which caught everyone’s eye was the Locked Bible. In the early days only priests were permitted to read the Bible to the laity, so the Bible was chained and padlocked to the Lectern.


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