Bishop Taama of Kajiado visits St Paul’s, Lisburn

Tuesday November 29th 2011

Bishop Taama and his wife with Stephen McWhirter and the Rev Jim Carson at St Paul's, Lisburn.Bishop Taama of the Kenyan diocese of Kajiado and his wife paid a visit to St Paul’s parish, Lisburn, on Sunday November 15.

The Bishop’s visit follows a mission trip to Kajiado Diocese by a group of 25 parishioners from St Paul’s during the summer. During the team’s successful trip in August Bishop Taama expressed a desire to worship with the congregation of St Paul’s on his next visit to Ireland.

The Bishop and his wife joined the congregation for two services, contemporary family worship at 10am and then Morning Prayer at 11.30am. The Bishop greeted the congregation at both services offering his thanks for what the parish has sought to do for his Diocese of Kajaido and expressing his hopes for continued partnership. The Bishop and his wife joined members of the congregation and the St Paul’s Kenya team for lunch after church when the parish presented them some tokens of their love and appreciation.

St Paul’s Parish hopes to continue its link with Kajiado through a reciprocal visit from Kenya in February 2010 and their continued support of one or two important projects.

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