Campaign for ‘Discount Day’ for pensioners

Wednesday August 8th 2012

Age Sector Platform has launched the Silver Saver Campaign calling on food retailers to introduce a ‘Discount Day’ for pensioners.

The charity says that nine out of 10 people in Northern Ireland are worried about the cost of their food and groceries, pointing out that UK food prices have risen by 26 per cent since 2007.

The Silver Saver Campaign has been created on the back of a motion from the 2012 NI Pensioners’ Parliament calling on food retailers to introduce a pensioner ‘Discount Day’ to help older shoppers cope with the rising cost of living and enable them to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

A petition can be signed online at which will be used to lobby local and national food retailers. Postcards which can be signed and returned can be requested by calling 028 9031 2089.

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