’Prayer for Peace’– Saturday December 15 at Belfast City Hall

Friday December 14th 2012

A Prayer for Peace, which is being held with permission from the PSNI, will begin at 8.30am Saturday December 15 at Belfast City Hall.

The organisers have issued the following statement:

“For 2012 the Northern Ireland Tourist Board slogan has been ‘NI 2012 our time our place’.

“As the body of Christ across the land throughout the last year we have witnessed many examples of the God’s kingdom coming amongst us and we have recognised these words ‘our time our place’ as a prophetic statement and wake–up call for the church.

“Unfortunately the events of the last week have been disturbing and disappointing to say the least and we really don’t want the year to end like this! With the permission and cooperation of the police we have planned ‘Prayer for Peace’ at 8.30am on Saturday morning outside Belfast City Hall.

“We are hoping to form an unbroken chain of people right around the city hall who together will take five minutes to pray for our leaders, the city and ultimately for peace in our land.

“We also feel that this non–threatening and humble prayerful approach would be a wonderful show of church unity and a powerful declaration to the nation of the heart of Christ reflected through His body.

“We would love as many people as possible to join us and form a wall of prayer around the City Hall.”

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