Celebrity Pancake Party at the Parish of Larne & Inver

Friday February 15th 2013

Tossing about in Larne and Inver Parish are the Ven Stephen Forde (rector), actress Olivia Nash and the Rev Jim Caldwell (curate)The Parish of Larne & Inver marked Shrove Tuesday with a ‘Celebrity Pancake Party’ hosted by the Curate, the Rev Jim Caldwell.

Parishioners were invited to the Curatage to make their own pancakes and enjoy an evening with comedy actress Olivia Nash.

Well known as ‘Ma’ in the popular ‘Hole in the Wall Gang’ Olivia played a key role in the TV series ‘Give My Head Peace,’ and is also famous for the phrase, ‘Fred, there’s no bread!’

Olivia said: “It’s great to have an evening like this which brings people together to have fellowship. Fellowship is the key, having fun and being with each other, that’s what is all about, and the pancakes were absolutely delicious!”

Donations on the night will go towards fundraising for a new sound system at St Cedma’s Church. For more information and pictures visit the parish’s facebook page.

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