Foundations – a new initiative for people in their 20s and 30s

Friday February 15th 2013

FoundationsA new initiative for people in their 20s and 30s seeking to affirm God’s call and to reconnect with foundations of their faith will soon get underway in Belfast.

Foundations is aimed at those that want to grow and share a faith that is biblical, mature, heartfelt, and risk–taking. It will unashamedly seek to teach and challenge participants to develop Christian disciplines and characteristics that will saturate every part of life and resonate with society.

Three related but distinct initiatives designed to continually develop personal faith and mission to others gets underway on Saturday Februay 23 in the Dock Café, Titanic Quarter.

The three themes are:

Calling: A bi–monthly open gathering to encourage the personal discipleship of participants. Calling will be welcoming, informal, relational and interactive but also involve serious teaching and discussion on the disciplines of Christian faith. Calling will inspire and challenge participants to develop spiritual disciples such as study, prayer, service, celebration, reflection and Sabbath. Calling is a ‘stand alone’ informal and on–going gathering on discipleship and participants can decide from it whether or not to undertake Character.

Character: A two–year process for those who want to develop the Christian characteristics of mission and leadership that influence every part of work, social and church life. Character is a separate process that will start in September 2013 and attending Calling does not require you to attend Character. It will involve a commitment to attend 10 meetings over two years to study, and then develop, characteristics such as righteousness, generosity, holiness, modesty, perseverance and humility. To benefit fully from Character participants will also be expected to undertake Counsel.

Counsel: An over–lapping two–year process with Character whereby each participant meets with a mentor once a month. Counsel is a biblical model and designed to connect particpants with an older Christian who will walk beside them in their faith and informally guide, challenge and support them in faith and life. These mentors will also advise participants on their mission and leadership role within the body of Christ.

Foundations is a place for fellowship but is not the local church. Its intention is to inspire and equip us within the local church and to build Christ’s church.

Foundations will begin with the first Calling in February 2013 in the Dock café, Titanic quarter. It runs from 7:30pm –10:00pm. Dates for 2013 gatherings are below:

Calling –Saturdays 23rd February, 20th April, 8th June, 21st September and 16th November.
Character’ – Saturdays 19th October and 14th December.


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