Conference in Lisburn Cathedral to tackle the impact of pornography

Tuesday April 23rd 2013

Porn Scars conference flyer.The impact of the porn industry on children and young people and how to address this is the subject of a conference taking place in Lisburn Cathedral.

Porn Scars is a one day conference, repeated over two days, on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th May 2013. Tickets are £15 and include lunch.

The conference is aimed at church leaders, youth leaders, parents, grandparents and anybody who cares about the effect that pornography has, and will continue to have on young people.

The purpose of the conference is to raise awareness of the issues, reflect on an appropriate Christian response, resource people with tools for support and demonstrate that there is hope.

Statistics show that of 2,731 Year 11 (4th Form) students surveyed this year, 48.4% of males are accessing porn at least weekly and 24% daily. The sex industry in Northern Ireland earns more that the province’s two leading companies. The Porn Industry is worth £63 billion globally and in the UK it is worth £660 million.

Thanks to the internet, today’s boys and girls are the first children to grow up with free, round–the–clock access to hardcore pornography. Porn has become part of the adult mainstream, colouring everything from advertising to best–selling books like Fifty Shades of Grey. (The Telegraph 27th January 2013)

Further research shows that calls to Childline in the last year have increased by 34%, as young people are worried that they are becoming addicted to porn. Girls say they feel they are being coerced to re–enact scenes. One in three 10–year–olds have seen pornography online, 17% (13% females v 24% males) of year 11 students have used their phone to send or receive an inappropriate image.

The conference is organised by The Big House, Love for Life and Urban Saints, who say it is becoming clear is that pornography is a huge issue for young people and has the potential to be addictive and destructive. It is having and will continue to have massive ramifications on relationships today and in the future.

The full programme for the day is available on line www.pornscars– and tickets can be purchased on line or by contacting Barbara at Love for Life on 028 38820555.


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