Auction to be held in Killinchy Parish Church

Wednesday June 19th 2013

An auction is to be held in Killinchy Parish Hall on Friday June 21, with viewing from 5pm and bidding getting underway at 6.30pm.

A beautifully boxed Jeroboam of ‘Pannier Champagne’ is one of the many items to be auctioned. Four times the size of a normal bottle, the champagne takes its name from the Bible. King Jeroboam ruled over the northern kingdom of Israel for 22 years.

The Rector of Killinchy, the Rev Stanley Gamble said: “We really are going to have an auction of biblical proportions! Everyone is most welcome.”

Another interesting item is a rare print of the famous Victorian painting ‘When did you last see your father?’ The oil–on–canvas picture, painted in 1878 by William Frederick Yeames, depicts a scene in an imaginary Royalist household during the English Civil War. The Parliamentarians have taken over the house and question the son about his Royalist father.

Yeames was inspired to paint the picture to show the crises that could arise from the natural frankness of young children. If the boy tells the truth he will endanger his father, but if he lies he will go against the ideal of honesty undoubtedly instilled in him by his parents.

There’s a personal story to the print that is up for auction. It hung in the living room of an RUC officer who seldom saw his children during the dark days of the Troubles. The police officer’s wife said: “The irony of this print caused us great amusement during those dark days, and reminded us of the personal cost of service. I used to point to the picture and ask the children ‘When did you last see your father?’”

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