Connor team’s visit to Yei, South Sudan, on video

Thursday August 29th 2013

Bishop Alan and Bishop Hilary sign the new Partnership Agreement during the visit to Yei in January.The sights, the sounds, the dancing and the warmth of the welcome a team from Connor experienced during a visit to South Sudan earlier this year can now be viewed on video.

The META (Mission Experience Team Abroad) was led by David Gough of CMS Ireland, which facilitated the visit, and comprised the Rt Rev Alan Abernethy, Bishop of Connor; Archdeacon Stephen Forde, Larne; Canon Sam Wright, Lisburn Cathedral; the Rev Andrew Sweeney, Ballymoney; Dr Frank Dobbs, Agherton; Mrs Judith Cairns, Chief Executive of Love for Live and a parishioner of Lisburn Cathedral; and Diocesan Communications Officer Karen Bushby.

Connor has an ongoing partnership with the Diocese of Yei in South Sudan, a number of teams have visited Yei in the past, and Bishop Hilary of Yei has been a guest in several Connor parishes. This was Bishop Alan’s first visit to Yei.

During the week–long visit in January, Bishop Alan attended the three–day Yei Diocesan Synod, where he and Bishop Hilary signed a new partnership agreement linking the two dioceses for a further five years. In the scenic surroundings of a grass roofed open–walled payot in the grounds of Yei Vocational Training College, the clergy members of the team delivered training for Yei pastors, and Judith also ran training sessions for pastors and youth leaders.

If the energetic dancing and singing of the pastors and youth leaders who attended the sessions is an indication of how much they enjoyed the training, then the video shows that the efforts by the Connor team were much appreciated!

Frank spent time at the Martha Primary Care Clinic, which is run by the Diocese of Yei, and at Yei Hospital, where he ran training sessions for healthcare staff.

The team had the opportunity to travel to Mongo Primary School, which was built with funding from parishes and individuals in Connor, and the video illustrates the wonderful welcome and the genuine gratitude the people of Mongo have to our diocese, a gratitude expressed very eloquently by many including a primary school pupil and the very dignified Boma Chief.

On the Sunday of the visit, team members preached at different churches around Yei Diocese, and the video first follows Bishop Alan preaching, and encouraging some singing, in Immanuel Cathedral, Yei, in front of a congregation of 300+ and then travels to the remote village of Longamere where David spoke about CMSI and Judith preached. The video attempts to capture the vibrant atmosphere during worship in Longamere and the stunning scenery in which the village lies.

Although the video quality is not great, we hope this will give viewers an insight into life in Yei Diocese and in particular the connections made during the Connor visit in January.

To view the video via YouTube, please follow this link.

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