CPAS event unpacks the meaning of Christian mentoring

Tuesday October 22nd 2013

James Lawrence, the Rev Paul Dundas and Bishop Ken Clarke.The first Saturday day conference organised by the new CPAS Ireland Steering group took place on October 19 in Christ Church Parish Halls, Lisburn.

Thirty eight people representing a number of organisations and churches attended.

The day began with a welcome by the rector of Christ Church, the Rev Paul Dundas, who chairs the CPAS Ireland Steering Group. He prayed for the Rev James Lawrence, CPAS Leadership Principal, who was leading the day on the theme of ‘mentoring.’

During the four sessions, James unpacked the meaning of Christian mentoring, the qualities of mentors and mentees, how to set up mentoring in a parish or organisation and the stages to allow that to happen.

There were many opportunities for group exercises and discussions as issues were raised by the delegates. James was engaging and challenging and placed ‘mentoring’ as one tool to develop leaders and nurture disciples of Jesus Christ in the local church or in a church organisation. Any organisation, church or diocese can contact James Lawrence directly at CPAS for further information or training.

Resources were available for purchase including ‘Mentoring Matters,’ a resource produced by CPAS which can also be bought online. In recent months, a complimentary copy of this resource was sent to the Bishops in the Church of Ireland.

The next day conference is on Thursday March 27 in Lisburn on the theme of ‘Keeping watch over ourselves in leadership.’ This will be led by Graham Archer, CPAS Director of Ministry. Details of that day and future events are available on the CPAS website or by contacting the Rev Paul Dundas on 0774 0589465.

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