Church of Ireland Bishops’ Appeal urgent appeal for typhoon aid

Tuesday November 12th 2013

Disaster relief efforts are in need of emergency funds after a typhoon with winds reaching 200 miles per hour hit parts of the Philippines causing flooding and extreme devastation. 

People are being evacuated from severely hit areas. Up to 10,000 people are feared dead and a further 150,000 are in need of assistance to evacuate. Damage to infrastructure and buildings is reported to be on a scale not seen before.

The Church of Ireland is responding through the Bishops’ Appeal emergency fund. Archbishop Richard Clarke and Archbishop Michael Jackson have sanctioned the immediate release of €10,000 to Christian Aid partners on the ground to provide tarpaulins, tents, food and hygiene kits to those who urgently need them. They urge the Church to respond generously in the face of such overwhelming need.

It is hoped that there will be special collections over the next two Sundays in all churches.

To donate to this emergency relief response, please send funds to:

Church of Ireland Bishops’ Appeal
Church of Ireland House,
Church Avenue,
Dublin 6

Or contact: 00 353 1 4125610 for more information or lodgement details.

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