Keys handed over as churches prepare for a week of mission

Friday March 14th 2014

Bishop Alan hands over the keys to St Patrick's, Coleraine, to representatives of other local churches in preparation for Passion4Life.St Patrick’s Parish in the heart of Coleraine will next month become the centre for a week of mission involving 12 local churches.

The Bishop of Connor, the Rt Rev Alan Abernethy, gave his blessing to this interdenominational initiative when he visited St Patrick’s on Thursday morning to hand the keys to the building over to representatives of the churches involved in the Passion4Life Mission.

Running during Holy Week, from Sunday April 6 until Sunday April 13, Passion4Life will bring the Christian message to literally thousands of people in an engaging way, with celebrities and members of the local community stepping up to talk about what God has done in their lives.

There will be music, arts, food, a youth programme, and much much more. Keynote speaker is Pete Woodcock from Kingston, London, who has his own inspiring story to tell.

The events will all be based around St Patrick’s Church, with the former XtraVision premises nearby being converted to a pop–up café cum arts gallery cum after hours music venue.

A full programme will be available soon. The rector of St Patrick’s, the Rev Roger Cooke, said: “Passion4Life is simply a chance to explain the Christian message in an engaging way to anyone who wants to come along and hear it.”


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