Bishop returns to Bushmills as Lenten series continues

Friday March 28th 2014

Bishop Alan speaking during the first seminar in Bushmills.Bishop Alan delivered his second seminar on the theme of Discipleship and Ministry in Dunluce Parish Centre, Bushmills, on March 25.

Around 140 people attended from parishes across the north of the diocese. In his first seminar, Bishop Alan focused on Ministry. In his second visit to Bushmills he turned his attention to Ministry, outlining principles important in understanding ministry and talking about the example of ministry witnessed in Jesus.

The ministry of Jesus, he said, was a constant reflection of God’s love in human flesh. Bishop Alan also spoke about how we can offer our God given ministry for the good of others.

As usual there was a break for refreshments and fellowship midway through the seminar. Bishop Alan will deliver this second seminar in St Patrick’s Parish Hall, Jordanstown, on Tuesday April 1 and in Christ Church, Lisburn, on Monday April 7.

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