Seminar on faith communities and transitional justice

Tuesday April 15th 2014

A seminar presenting perspectives and encouraging debate on the roles of faith communities in relation to transitional justice is to be held on May 28.

Questions to be asked include: What has been the role for faith communities in assisting or hindering transitions from conflict or authoritarian rule? In what ways have formal institutions and individual persons of faith played a significant role? To what extent do the discourses of faith and transitional justice share similar concepts, language and goals?

The speakers will offer perspectives in both an international and a local context, focusing on the transition in Latin America and Northern Ireland.

They are:
Prof Cath Collins, Transitional Justice Institute, University of Ulster
Dr David Tombs, Trinity College Dublin
Fr Tim Bartlett, Catholic Church
Reverend Dr Lesley Carroll, Minister, Presbyterian Church in Ireland

The seminar takes place on Wednesday May 28 from 2pm – 5pm and the venue is 82D23, Boardroom, Belfast Campus of the University of Ulster. (Lunch at 1pm Ground Floor, beside Academy Restaurant) 

For more information follow this link.

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