Transforming the Mind Conference to be held in Northern Ireland

Friday May 2nd 2014

The conference will take place at Castlewellan Castle.Transforming the Mind – The Annual Christian Conference for Postgraduates and Postdocs will be held for the first time this year in Northern Ireland.

Dates: 27th–29th June 2014
Venue: Castlewellan Castle, Castlewellan, County Down
Speakers: Dr Vinoth Ramachandra (IFES), Dr Cathriona Russell (TCD), Dr Mike Clifford, Dr Anthony Smith, Dr Helen Moore, Dr Maithrie White

The conference has been held for annually in Dovedale, England, for 12 years since its inception in 2003. This year for the first time Transforming the Mind Ireland will take place. Previous conferences have, brought together around 50 participants from different universities, disciplines, nations, and denominations.

Information about the 2014 Conference – venue, fees, speakers as well as further information about history, past conferences (including uploaded talks) can be found at ://

The Conference challenges participants to think end the dichotomy that often exists between academic life and faith/ church life. It encourages them to think of how their faith relates to their academic thinking (subject/ discipline/ research), to pursue intellectual rigor in both faith and academic engagement, and to consider God’s calling for them – as those privileged to have higher education. It is a holistic weekend – including time to relax, for discussion, worship, space to make friends, and have conversation with speakers and other participants.

A few things to note:
Early Bird Registration Deadline: 20th May
Bursaries may be available for those needing it – and can be got by contacting Dr Helen Moore (contact information on the registration form)
Online Registrations and payments available via paypal on the conference website.

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