Titanic outing for St Anne’s Cathedral parishioners

Thursday July 3rd 2014

Dean John Mann and Cathedral parishioners during the walking tour of the Titanic area.Parishioners and friends of Belfast Cathedral gathered on the last Saturday in June in the Titanic Quarter for a walking tour of the ‘Titanic Story.’

They retraced the steps of designers, shipyard workers, sailors, passengers and craftsmen of all types, as they remembered the achievement of the construction of this magnificent liner to its tragic end in the icy waters of the Atlantic.

Their guide was the Rev Chris Bennett and the tour began with tea in the Dock Cafe first, before passing the Nomadic and stopping in the drawing office in all its fading splendour, round the new Titanic Visitor Centre to the slipways where Titanic was built.

The Dean of Belfast, the Very Rev John Mann, commented: “Here the scale of the vessel is apparent, its footprint laid out on the ground, and the loss of life too, as dramatically the survivors and the drowned are recorded.”

The tour carried on to the pump house and the impressive dry dock. “The size of the ship is once again shown by the size of the dry dock used to house it as it received its final check, had its hull painted and the propellers added,” Dean Mann said.

A very successful parish outing ended with a meal at the Premier Inn.


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