Black Santa funding for humanitarian relief in Gaza

Friday August 1st 2014

The Black Santa Appeal at St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, is to donate £5,000 to humanitarian relief efforts in Gaza.

Contributions to the annual Black Santa Sit–Out at Christmas on the steps of St Anne’s are collected throughout the year and so the Cathedral is in a position to respond to crisis situations such as that happening in Gaza.

The money will be channelled through Christian Aid to those who need it most. Christian Aid has launched an emergency appeal for Gaza .

Funds raised will help provide emergency healthcare, access to clean, safe drinking water and psychological support to the more than 1,000 children who are suffering as a result of what they have seen and experienced.

Announcing the donation, The Dean of Belfast, the Very Rev John Mann, said: “The helplessness that we all feel when hearing of the suffering of the vulnerable children of Gaza goes beyond and above our opinion as to the cause of this conflict. We want to reach out and support those who can bring some relief. This donation comes with our prayers for a speedy end to the violence.”


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