Vicar of Antrim arrested in front of hall full of children!

Friday August 15th 2014

Archdeacon McBride is handcuffed.The Vicar of Antrim was arrested and handcuffed by officers from the PSNI on Wednesday night in front of a hall full of children!

Archdeacon Stephen McBride was led shamefaced through a sea of astounded young faces to the exit of Antrim Parish Halls by two community police officers.

His crime – impersonation of a police officer.

Fortunately for the Vicar, his impersonation was so poor – some likened him to Noddy’s Mr Plod – that he was let off with a caution. A relief all round, especially for the police officers who were not looking forward to transporting the Archdeacon of Connor to the station on the back of their bicycles.

Children enjoying the Holiday Bible Club in Antrim.And hence the Vicar was able to return to the fun and games of the Holiday Bible Club without making headlines of the wrong kind!

The visit by the community police officers was actually planned in advance (or so the Vicar of Antrim says) and provided an opportunity for young Bible Club participants to find out about the work of the officers, and to ask some interesting questions.

The Holiday Bible Club, which was co–ordinated by Connor Children’s Project Development Officer Jill Hamilton, attracted around 35 children each evening over the course of a week.

They enjoyed games, dancing, singing, puppets, crafts and drama, all led by the very talented and enthusiastic club leaders and helpers.

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