Rector of Holy Trinity Woodburn publishes book

Wednesday February 11th 2015

The Rev Dr Alan McCann.

The Rev Dr Alan McCann.

The Rev Dr Alan McCann, rector of Holy Trinity Woodburn in Carrickfergus, has published a book entitled Anglican / Emerging Ecclesiology: Confused?

His study compares and Anglican ecclesiology with an Emerging Church ecclesiology in the local parish church context. Dr McCann was awarded a Doctor of Ministry in 2012 by the Presbyterian Theological Faculty Ireland for this work.

The book is published by Blessed Hope Publishing and can be ordered at


Alan McCann book sm‘Many new forms of church have emerged in the past decades, some in an Anglican tradition. This work examines the ecclesiology of these emerging churches in the light of a traditional Anglican ecclesiology – that the church is ‘one, holy, catholic and apostolic…reformed and protestant…a congregation of faithful people in which the pure Word of God is preached and the Sacraments be duly administered… with episcopal oversight.

‘This work should be seen as a contribution to the ongoing conversation between these ecclesiologies in a local parish context.’

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