‘An inspired space’ – Day of Prayer for Young People

Wednesday February 25th 2015

One of the Prayer Points in Lisburn Cathedral during the Day of Prayer for Young People.

One of the Prayer Points in Lisburn Cathedral during the Day of Prayer for Young People.

Lisburn Cathedral joined many churches across Ireland to host a day of prayer for young people on Tuesday February 17.

Sharon Hamill, co-chair of Engage Connor Youth, said: “This was a wonderful invitation to engage prayerfully with God, reflecting on the diverse needs of young people of various ages and the challenges they experience in life and faith.

“It was encouraging to see clergy, young people, youth leaders, youth workers and volunteers from across Connor Diocese taking part. Sincere thanks to all those who were able to join us in prayer.”

Young people at the Day of Prayer in Lisburn Cathedral.

Young people at the Day of Prayer in Lisburn Cathedral.

A team of creative people from Connor Youth Council crafted an inspired space for people to kneel, sit, contemplate and pray. Individuals had the opportunity to respond in various ways at various prayer points, bringing their specific needs to Christ.

“Not only could we prayerfully bring the needs of young individuals to God, there was also the opportunity to pray for those in leadership roles, who support young people and offer pastoral support and a nurturing environment for young people as they explore and develop their faith,” Sharon said. “Prayers were also offered for families of young people who are experiencing difficulty and challenge.

Another stop for prayer and reflection.

Another stop for prayer and reflection.

“It was truly an inspired space. God’s spirit was among those who gathered to pray and to worship.”

Some of the young people who attended the Day of Prayer took time to reflect on the event.

I really enjoyed taking part in the Day of Prayer for young people at Lisburn Cathedral,” said Rebekah, 12, from Belfast.  “There were different prayer stations around the Cathedral. At one station I had to take a boiled sweet, think of a young person who needed prayer and then pray for them the whole time I was sucking the sweet. I don’t think I have prayed for one person for such a long time before!

The Day of Prayer provided 'an inspired space' for young people.

The Day of Prayer provided ‘an inspired space’ for young people.

“One station that really struck me was the one with stories of young people in other parts of the world who are having hard times because of what they believe. It made me appreciate the freedom we have here to be Christian and made me want to pray for them more.”

Catherine, aged 13, from Belfast, said: “I had an amazing time at the Lisburn Cathedral Prayer space. There were lots of different prayer stations to pray at and reflect. It was nice to have a time of relaxation and prayer with God with no distractions.

“There was music playing and everyone there was nice and welcoming. It was a wonderful experience getting to speak to other people and also learning new things. I especially liked that each station had a verse from the bible. I am very glad I went and would love to have more prayer spaces like that.”

Engage Connor Youth extend a huge thanks to the creative teams from Lisburn Cathedral and Muckamore for all their willingness and creative input.

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