Second book by the Rev Dr Alan McCann

Saturday February 28th 2015

A MCCann book 2 smThe Rev Dr Alan McCann, rector of Holy Trinity Woodburn in Carrickfergus, has published a second book which is now available on Amazon and from

Entitled ‘Charismatic Christians in the Church of Ireland – A Historical and Theological Introduction,’ the book earned Dr McCann a Master of Philosophy from Queen’s University, Belfast.

Earlier this year, Dr McCann published ‘Anglican / Emerging Ecclesiology: Confused?’ Both books are published by Blessed Hope Publishing.


“During the latter part of the 20th century, the Charismatic Movement came to the fore in the Christian Church especially in the western world. The Church of Ireland was not immune from this movement of the Holy Spirit.

“This book provides a theological and historical introduction to the Charismatic Movement in the Church of Ireland in the 20th century.

“This introduction provides a valuable resource for those seeking to understand this movement in the Church of Ireland. The main leaders of the Charismatic were interviewed during the research for this study. Readers will find some surprises in these pages as to who was actually involved in the Charismatic Movement in the Church of Ireland.

“This is a history that the Church of Ireland needs to acknowledge, understand and embrace.”

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