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Monday March 30th 2015

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This summer brings a fantastic opportunity for young people aged 16 and over to get involved in an exciting mission project

From June 30 until July 3, Connor Youth Council will be facilitating Streetreach in north Belfast giving young people the opportunity to put their faith into action by showing God’s love though practical acts of love and kindness. 

And to really inspire young people to sign up, the Youth Council has produced a great video (above) featuring Connor / Church Army Pioneer Evangelist Stephen Whitten, who has been working in north Belfast since taking up his post four weeks ago.

Sharon Hamill and Zara Genoe, co chairs of the Engage Connor Youth Council, explained: “We hope to draw together a group of 40-50 young people and young adults from across the diocese who will serve alongside Stephen and the Rev Emma Rutherford (Glencairn Parish).

“The team will support the existing work being done in Whiterock and Glencairn among children, young people, families and the elderly.

“The Youth Council is so privileged to be playing such an active part in mission this summer and look forward to further opportunities in various other parts of the diocese in the future. This is just the beginning.”

You can download further information and application forms (under 18s and over 18 years) for this year’s Streetreach.

Sharon and Zara added: “We believe that this will be a significant experience for all involved and would like as many young people as possible to have the opportunity to take part, please share this information as widely as possible.”

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