Special day of prayer at Maze Long Kesh

Monday July 11th 2016

Bro David Jardine is one of the organisers of the Day of Prayer on September 17.

Bro David Jardine is one of the organisers of the Day of Prayer on September 17.

Interdenominational Divine Healing Ministries have organised a special day of prayer at Balmoral Park, Maze Long Kesh on Saturday September 17.

Brother David Jardine, one of the organisers, said the purpose of the day is to help people still carrying hurts from the Troubles and their aftermath to find God’s peace.

The day of prayer will take place in the show-jumping arena which is about 150 yards long.  In the middle will be a huge cross.  People will enter through one gate, stay for as long as they like, and go out through another gate.

David said: “Everyone will come as an individual before God.  They do not come representing a particular group or church.  It is simply an opportunity for people to spend time with God in prayer, and to find His peace.”

He added: “This day of prayer at Maze Long Kesh will allow people to let go of hurts and fears, to forgive those who have hurt them, to say sorry where they may have wronged others and to pray for the future of our country.  If people are able to enter into the spirit of the day they will find at least a measure of the peace of God.”

The hours of prayer will be 9am to 6pm.  The day will begin with representatives from a number of churches standing together round the cross, praying quietly.  This will be a day for quiet prayer.   There will be no service.  It is a day for people to have an encounter with God as individuals.  The organisers say ‘is only God who, through forgiveness, can bring peace and healing.’

It is hoped that every area of society will be represented.  As well as an arena in which to pray privately there will also be facilities for counselling and personal prayer, and guidance for those who wish to explore faith in a deeper way.

David said: “It has been said that when people have suffered deeply, as thousands in our society have, it is difficult to forgive.  This is undoubtedly true, but the atmosphere of prayer on September 17 will help people to let go of hurts which maybe they have held for a very long time.  A medical doctor, preaching recently in St Anne’s Cathedral, said that long-term emotional problems can be healed through forgiveness.

“Let’s lay it down on September 17, lets lay it down before God, let’s lay if down for each others sake.  Let unconditional forgiveness set us free.”

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