Change of venue for Day of Prayer

Wednesday August 17th 2016

divine healing ministries.jpg cropThe venue for Divine Healing Ministries’ Day of Prayer to find God’s Peace has been changed from Balmoral Park, Maze, Long Kesh, to St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast.

The event will take place from 9am-6pm on Saturday September 17.

Divine Healing Ministries say this is a day for anyone whose peace has been disturbed, perhaps by experiences in the past, to come and spend time with God in ‘an atmosphere of godly calmness.’

It will provide an opportunity to “lay down any of the things that disturb, forgive those who have hurt you, say sorry where you may have hurt others and make a commitment to help build a better future for our land.”

The focal point will be a large plain wooden cross at the front of the Cathedral. All the prayer will be in silence. People may come and go at any point during the day. 

Brother David Jardine, one of the organisers, said: “We originally intended to go to Balmoral Park, Maze, Long Kesh, but when we got into conversation with victims’ groups and those who had suffered we realised that it was going to be very upsetting and hurtful to them if we continued with the venue at Balmoral Park.

“We are a healing ministry. The day is to help people to find God’s peace, so we felt that out of compassion for people who were already suffering a great deal we would move to St Anne’s Cathedral.”

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