Brilliant GFS Display in St Patrick’s, Ballymena

Wednesday April 19th 2017

Members of St Patrick’s, Ballymena, GFS put on an excellent annual display.

St Patrick’s, Ballymena, GFS held their Annual Display in the Chancellor Craig Memorial Hall. 

Mrs Cherith McConnell, wife of the rector, and Mrs Jen Christie, wife of the curate, with some of the award winners.

Following the GFS hymn Lead Us Heavenly Father Lead Us and prayer, the various sections put on a brilliant night’s entertainment.  Activities ranged from marching to the ever popular obstacle race, when the clergy are invited to take part.

The juniors love this race as they have fun dressing the clergy up in outfits that May McFetridge, star of stage and screen would be very proud to wear!  

The final item in the display was the story of the Good Samaritan in which all the girls took part.

St Patrick’s curate Dennis Christie with sisters Layla and Jessica.

Special guests Cherith McConnell and Jen Christie were then asked to present the cups and trophies to the girls, who were particularly looking forward to receiving their Easter Eggs. 





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