Children enjoy Cathedral Easter Egg Hunt

Wednesday April 19th 2017

Leo and Brodie took part in the Easter Egg Hunt in St Anne’s.

Dozens of children visited St Anne’s Cathedral on Easter Tuesday to take part in the Biggest Indoor Easter Egg Hunt in Belfast!

They searched all the Cathedral’s nooks and crannies to find colourful plastic eggs. The children had to fill their egg-boxes with six eggs of the same colour, and many took the opportunity to do the hunt several times before claiming their prize – chocolate Easter eggs or bunnies.

Parents, aunties, uncles and grandparents who accompanied the children took the opportunity to look around the Cathedral interior. Several made a point of saying how much they and their children had enjoyed their Easter Tuesday visit.

The Easter Egg Hunt ran from 12 noon until 4pm and the Cathedral thanked all those children who brought their adults along on the day!


Look at all my eggs Mum!

Easter smiles from Adam and Lucca.

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