Team from The Hub in Uganda to support local charities

Tuesday June 6th 2017

The Hub Uganda team before departing Belfast on June 5.

A team from The Hub, the Church of Ireland and Methodist Chaplaincy at Queen’s University, will today arrive in Kampala at the start of a two week visit to Uganda to support the work of local charities Abaana and Waakisa.

Their itinerary, for which your prayers are requested, is as follows:

Tuesday – Arrive in Kampala and orientation
Wednesday – Work with Abaana Street Kids Ministry and New Life Homes
Thursday & Friday – Street Kids Ministry and Work in Abaana School
Saturday – Day Trip with New Life Homes Boys
Sunday – 12 members travel for 8 hours to Gulu; seven ladies travel to Waakisa
Monday – Thursday – Gulu team works on building accommodation for school teachers and ministry in local Abaana schools
Friday – Gulu team travels back to Kampala
Monday – Friday: Waakisa team works with ladies in Waakisa, undertaking kids work with on-site nursery, and visits local women in surrounding villages
Saturday – pack up and go! The team travels to Waakisa and reunites before heading to the plane for an overnight trip home. 

Abaana is a charity based in Bangor, Co Down, which since 1998 has raised more than £1.5m to build schools, to provide clean water, medical care and education. It also runs homes for boys at risk, and has established a school.

Waakisa Ministries is another charity founded locally. The Waakisa Centre in Uganda provides care and support to young vulnerable girls who are pregnant and alone, and to deliver health education programmes to local schools and churches.

The Hub has partnered with these two projects because they reflect many of the aims of The Hub’s work with its own students: providing homes, community, education and support.

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