Team Uganda hosts ‘Big Breakfast’ at Lisburn Cathedral

Monday February 12th 2018

The Dean of Connor, the Very Rev Sam Wright (rector of Lisburn Cathedral) pictured with his wife Paula and their son Peter and grandchildren Jonah and Elias tucking into low calorie fry-ups at a ‘Big Breakfast’ in Lisburn Cathedral on February. Included is the Rev Danielle McCullagh (curate, Lisburn Cathedral). Photo: John Kelly.

A team of young adults from Lisburn Cathedral will travel to Uganda during the summer to help build a toilet block at a school and work with children.

Tom Bruce and Arty Kennedy pictured at a ‘Big Breakfast’ in Lisburn Cathedral Church Hall on February 10 to raise funds for a young adults’ mission team heading to Uganda this summer. Photo: John Kelly.

On Saturday February 10, a ‘Big Breakfast’ was held in Lisburn Cathedral Hall to raise funds to support Team Uganda 2018. 

The team of 11 young people will leave for Uganda on Saturday July 21 and will return on Sunday August 5. 

They will be working on the construction of a toilet block for a school in the town of Gulu in Northern Uganda and will also partner with the charity Abaana, working with their youth and children.


Team Uganda 2018 from Lisburn Cathedral.  L to R:  Lee Boal, Becky Lester, Vicki Bell, Sara McGucken, Beth Irwin, Erin Gardiner, Zoe McLoughlin, Emily Lester and Owen Churton.  Missing from the photo are Matthew Cairns and Neville Jones. Photo: John Kelly.

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