Dean of Connor to be gaoled!

Friday February 23rd 2018

BEHIND BARS – Dean Sam Wright will serve time in Crumlin Road Gaol on March 12, but all for a good cause!

The Very Rev Sam Wright, Dean of Connor, is set to serve a term in Crumlin Road Gaol come March.

Thankfully, the Dean has been found guilty of no crime, but is being incarcerated in the Belfast prison in order to give children in northern Uganda freedoms we all take for granted. These include hygenic toilet facilities, Bible teaching, and a caring face as they prepare to bed down in a city street.

The new Ayila Primary School in northern Uganda, where Abaana is building a new toilet block.

Dean Sam is one of a number of ‘volunteers’ who will be locked up for the day on Monday March 12 by a group of young people from Lisburn Cathedral. This group is fundraising to visit Uganda with local charity Abaana in July this year.

The team will be working across a range of Abaana’s projects, including building a new toilet block at Ayila Primary School in northern Uganda; holding a three-day holiday bible club at Ayila; and working with street children in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

The Lisburn Cathedral group will work with street children sleeping in the capital Kampala.

In order to escape their gaol cell, Dean Sam and the other volunteers will have to raise sponsorship to pay their bail – before they are released. The Dean is hopeful that he will be out in time for Sunday services the following weekend!

You can sponsor Dean Sam HERE.

If you would like to help support the team in their work in Uganda this summer, please contact Neville Jones on 07796936768 or by email

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