It may be inconvenient but it is certainly beautiful!

Thursday March 1st 2018

Magheragall Parish Church in the snow on March 1 2018.

There is a lot of snow out there, and while it has caused inconvenience for motorists, closing schools (yes kids, it’s not fair!), postponement of events such as the Clergy Quiet Morning, and even church services, there is no denying some of the scenery is stunning.

Here are pictures of Magheragall Parish Church and rectory this morning, sent in by the Rev Nicholas Dark.

Please feel free to send any photos of Connor churches in the snow to

Magheragall Rectory under a blanket of snow.

Christ Church, Derriaghy, on March 1. Photo: Adrian Orr.

The snow has reached Portrush! Holy Trinity Parish Church on March 1.

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