Train the Trainer days

Monday July 30th 2018

The first in a series of Train the Trainer days for Safeguarding Trust Diocesan Support Teams, in the Republic of Ireland, took place in Church of Ireland House, Dublin, on July 17.

These days are being held to ensure that all members of the Diocesan Support Teams are up to date with the latest developments in child protection from a State level (arising from the Children First legislation), to brief members on the changes that are being made to the Safeguarding Trust policy, and to review the new training modules that have been developed for staff, volunteers and panel members. It is hoped that these Train the Trainer days will equip the Diocesan Support Teams to continue to deliver quality training within their diocese and support and advice to parishes.

The next days will take place – also in Church House, Dublin – on Thursday August 16 and Monday September 17, with both running from 10.30am to 3.30pm. Members of Diocesan Support Teams can book their place on one of the days by emailing  

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