An ‘Incredible’ week for kids in Christ Church, Lisburn

Friday August 17th 2018

The incredible team which led the Bible Week in Christ Church, Lisburn.

Around 70 children tried their hand at being superheroes at  the Christ Church Parish, Lisburn, Bible Week, which ran each evening from August 6-10.

‘The Incredibles’ themed week was led by Victoria Jackson, Development Officer with the Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade (CLCGB), who was also involved in the superhero training academy in St Michael’s, Belfast, earlier each day.

Victoria Jackson, aka Mrs Incredible, putting pie on a leaders’ face! All in the name of fun of course…

And Victoria proved herself to be quite the Mrs Incredible (her role in the clubs) during the course of a busy week!

“We were really pleased with the turnout,” said Victoria. “We had an average of 70 children each evening, and the team worked well together. All the leaders rose to the occasion. It gave everybody a real boost.”

Leaders in the Parish were supported by leaders from the Christ Church branch of the Boys’ Brigade.

Through superhero training, puppetry, verses, team challenges, stories and crafts, the young people came to know the Incredible Jesus. Winning teams each evening had the opportunity to ‘gunge’ the leaders!

Victoria said: “It was a very busy week but I really enjoyed it.”

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