Leaders key to successful Holiday Bible Club in Antrim

Wednesday August 22nd 2018

Lots of fun at the All Saints’, Antrim, Holiday Bible Club.

All Saints’ Parish, Antrim, ran a very successful Bible Club each evening from August 13-17.

The Vicar of Antrim, the Ven Dr Stephen McBride, said that no matter how many Holiday Bible Clubs are held over the summer, children will still flock to them all. 

Sid and Bert showed up to entertain the kids at the All Saint’s Parish Holiday Bible Club.

Good leaders, he said, were key. “You could have the best kitted out Bible Club, with bells and whistles, but if the kids don’t connect with the leaders they won’t come back after the first session,” Archdeacon McBride said.

 “At All Saints’ Parish we succeeded in providing a balance between a well-structured programme and leaders that the kids could relate to. 

“We had action songs, short interactive puppet show talks with Sid and Bert, games and craftwork with the underlying theme of King David and over arching theme of a sports academy where we encouraged the necessity of having a fit body as well as a fit soul.”

Crafty biscuits!

Archdeacon McBride said there had been a steady turnout during the week. “Hopefully we have showcased not only what role church plays in the upbringing of these kids, but have also given parents encouragement that church is genuinely interested in all aspects of family life,” he said.

“It was encouraging that our Club was supported by children who attend Antrim’s church plant of the Christian Fellowship Church.  Our churches have been developing links over the past few years and jointly support Antrim’s Food Bank.”

Focusing on a fit body and a fit soul in All Saints’, Antrim.

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