Raredos has new home in St Peter’s

Friday October 26th 2018

The raredos from the former Church of St James, Antrim Road, has a new home in St Peter’s.

The reredos from the former St James’ Church, Antrim Road, has been relocated from the chancel in St James’ to the north side aisle of St Peter’s Church.

The raredos was at risk of water damage if it remained in the now closed St James’ Church.

The beautiful raredos had been at serious risk of water damage if it remained in the former church.

The Rev Brian Lacey, rector of St Peter and St James, said: “It is a magnificent altar-piece, which depicts our Lord Jesus alongside the four archangels. The Chapel of St James (as the side aisle is now known) is already used for non-sacramental services with a small congregation.

“The addition of the St James’ Holy Table means that Holy Communion can now be celebrated occasionally there too.”

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