First issue of new-look monthly ‘Gazette’

Wednesday January 9th 2019

The first issue of the new look monthly Church of Ireland Gazette is now online, and will be available in print on Friday January 11.

First published in March 1856 as a monthly journal under the title, The Irish Ecclesiastical Gazette, the Gazette became weekly in 1880. Its name was changed to The Church of Ireland Gazette in 1900.

The new 40-page Gazette will now be available 10 times a year, and is published on second Friday of the month, with the electronic version available to subscribers on the second Tuesday of the month.

In his editorial in this first monthly issue, Gazette editor the Rev Earl Storey writes: “Inside this new format you will still find world news and home news and the letters page. There will be opinion columns that you may or may not agree with – they are designed to get us thinking.

“You will also find a wide selection of articles, for your interest.”

Mr Storey continues: “Like anything else, our new format will take a little while to get used to – but hopefully not too long.”

For further information, and to learn how to subscribe to the Church of Ireland Gazette, please visit the Gazette website.

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