Streetreach 2019 partners with Mossley Parish

Monday January 14th 2019

Streetreach 2019 will be partnering with Mossley Parish as a team of young people work alongside the parish for four days of mission, outreach and discipleship this summer.

Streetreach is a residential, local missional experience for young people. It provides young people with an opportunity to grow in their faith, considering how to share their experience of God and practically serving in a parish context.

For the third year, there will also be an American team from Christ In Youth taking part in the service alongside Connor representatives.

For young people interesting in signing up, details are:

  • Applications will be open on Friday January 18. Young people from all parishes across Connor are invited to sign up to attend. Young people don’t need an adult to accompany them as a team of leaders will be gathered by the Youth Council to direct the event.
  • Young people who have finished Year 11 by the summer can sign up for the residential option, which costs £50. Alternatively those who have finished Year 8 and up by the summer can come along on a daily basis, with each day costing £10 during Streetreach.
  • All over 18s are welcome to apply and can serve as a team leader with support from the Streetreach leadership team.

Any questions please contact Diocesan Youth Officer Christina Baillie on or 07753312405

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