St Paul’s are Big Connor Contest champions!

Monday February 11th 2019

Action from the Big Connor Contest.

In the third annual Big Connor Contest, teams from across the diocese came to St Paul’s, Lisburn, to compete for the Big Connor Contest Shield.

The teams participated in volleyball, sock football, blatterball and 4 square throughout the day. With young people from seven parishes represented, it made for a competitive event.

Serious competition at the Big Connor Contest.

The groups also took part in tug of war, before the leaders challenged the clergy to see who would come out on top in tug of war!  We won’t report the result but there was a slight numerical bias in favour of the leaders!

After a day of tough competition, the winners of the Big Connor Contest Shield were the host team, St Paul’s, Lisburn.

Christina Baillie, Diocesan Youth Officer said: “Thank you to all the young people and leaders who came along to take part in the event. A huge thank you to St Paul’s Parish for hosting us for the day. Thanks to all the Youth Council members who planned and led the day, making it such a great success.”

Christina added: “It was fantastic seeing groups who were coming along for their first diocesan event, as well as groups who attend regularly, getting to compete against each other.”

Young people from St Paul’s, Lisburn, who picked up the Big Connor Contest Shield.

The Ballymena team which took part in the Big Connor Contest.

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