Good Friday Walk of Witness in Lisburn

Monday April 29th 2019

Archdeacon Paul Dundas, Christ Church, leads the Good Friday Prayers in Lisburn.

The Abaana New Life Children’s Choir from Uganda led the Good Friday Walk of Witness In Liburn, singing ‘We are walking in the Light of God’ as hundreds of people proceeded up Bow Street.

All those attending the Good Friday Service were welcomed by the Rev John Brackenridge (1st Lisburn Presbyterian). He also welcomed special guest, the Rev Charles McMullan (Presbyterian Moderator) and the opening prayer was by George Hilary (Lisburn Christian Fellowship)

‘Big Church Serve’ and ‘Love Lisburn’ mission team members holding the cross on Good Friday.

Father Dermot McCaughan (St Patrick’s Chapel), read the story of the crucifixion from John 19 verses 16-30.  Archdeacon Paul Dundas (Christ Church Parish) led the prayers. The Rev Mervyn Ewing (Seymour Street Methodist Church) closed in prayer.

In his Good Friday Message, Presbyterian Moderator the Rt Rev Charles McMullan referred to the murder the previous night of journalist Lyra McKee, expressing sympathy and prayers for her family and stating that there was no place for the gun in Irish politics.

He spoke on the finished work of Christ on the cross drawing on images from earlier in the week of Notre Dame Cathedral in flames, yet in the midst of the flames and destruction, the cross stood tall as a place of hope and thousands of Parisians gathered to sing hymns and pray.

He concluded by saying the incomparably great power of the resurrection and the burning blazing love of the Lord Jesus Christ is the only thing that can change society and lives.

The Abaana New Life Children’s Choir also sang and danced during the Good Friday service. 

Dean Sam Wright (Lisburn Cathedral) thanked the young people serving on ‘Big Church Serve’ and ‘Love Lisburn’ mission teams who carried the cross, the Abaana New Life Choir, and the Moderator for his powerful Good Friday message of love and hope for all people through the Cross of Christ.

The Good Friday crowd was invited to stay afterwards for ‘Easter Quest,’ an interactive trail through the Easter Story and was encourgaged to return on Saturday for Easter Eggstravaganza activities organised by Lisburn Cathedral, and to attend the Dawn Service in Wallace Park on Easter Sunday.

Dean Sam Wright closes by thanking all involved in the Walk of Witness on Good Friday in Lisburn.

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