Incidents of vandalism at St Michael’s, Belfast

Monday July 29th 2019

Broken windows at St Michael’s.

St Michael’s Parish Church off the Shankill Road, Belfast, has been vandalised on two separate occasions during July.

And the church has warned that if attacks continue, it may have to stop hosting community events.

Although there is no evidence that both incidents are linked, the damage caused is very similar, including a broken window and damage to the stain glass windows behind. The estimated cost of repair is in excess of £9,000.

A post on the parish Facebook page reads: “Here at St Michael’s we want to service Christ in our community and over the last years there have been many events going on in the church, however if the vandalism continues these events may be jeopardised.

“We ask everyone in the area to keep a look out and if you see anyone hanging around the church please contact the police.”

Anyone with information about the acts of vandalism carried out during the last month is asked to please contact the police by calling 101 and quoting reference 1774250719.

The church has been vandalised twice during July.

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