Step back in time at Belfast Cathedral

Sunday August 25th 2019

The laying of the foundation stone of St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, 120 years ago.

St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, invites you to step back in time to 1899 when the foundation stone for the vast Cathedral was laid.

Bringing that historic day 120 years ago to life will be faces from the past, among them architect Sir Thomas Drew, Constance Ashley-Cooper – Countess of Shaftesbury who laid the foundation stone, and Henry O’Hara, the Dean of Belfast Cathedral in 1899.

Thanks to Footsteps NI, these Victorian guests will be present in the Cathedral on Saturday September 7 from 11.30am-1pm and again from 1.30pm to 3pm, telling their stories and reliving memories!

One hundred and twenty years ago, parishioners of St Anne’s, were heading into their parish church to worship on a Sunday while the walls of this great Cathedral were literally raised around them.

The foundation stone was laid on September 6 1899. Building began around the old church, which continued to be used for services until the end of 1903, by which time the tower of little St Anne’s had been dismantled and the church was no longer visible from the street. For five months the congregation worshipped in the Clarence Place Hall in May Street.

As well as living history talks on September 7, there will be fun arts and craft activities for kids to enjoy.

Normal admission fees apply.

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