Kids gallop into Calamity Creek in Ballyclare!

Wednesday August 28th 2019

Giving a rowdy howdy at Calamity Creek in Ballyclare Parish Hall.

There was something a bit rowdy howdy going on at St John’s Parish Hall in Ballyclare last week when more than 100 kids galloped into town for the Calamity Creek Bible Club!

A visit to the Creek revealed dozens of cowboys, Indians, pirates, and squaws all out for a fantastic week of fun in the Wild West!

Leading the charge was Dianne Hamilton, the parish’s family associate, supported by a large number of suitably attired assistant leaders, including the rector himself, the Rev Jonny Campbell-Smyth.

In total there were 41 leaders involved, and that doesn’t include those who built the fantastic Calamity Creek set!

Each day from Tuesday to Friday there was singing, aerobics, crafts, snacks, a talk, worship, small group questions, memory verses, and the two big draws – a daily comedy drama telling the story of creation, fall and the need for Jesus to come to the rescue – and the great balloon sacrifice.

Every morning, a balloon filled with water got bigger and bigger, and each day one ‘lucky???’ leader was selected to be drenched when the balloon was burst. The kids just loved that!

So, in the words of that old cowboy himself, John Wayne – ‘Get off your horse and drink your milk’ and step into Calamity Creek through our Photo Gallery below. (Maybe don’t worry about the milk).

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