Kids invited to be inSpired at Belfast Cathedral

Thursday August 29th 2019

Belfast Cathedral’s spire, seen from inside the building.

A new project aiming to inspire young people is to be launched at Belfast Cathedral on August 31.

The Cathedral has partnered with Sean Greer Design in an effort to better open up the space within the historic building to families and schools.

Funded by the Church of Ireland Priorities Fund, this project has enabled the Cathedral to develop an offering for children which will allow them to interact with the building and everything inside and learn its history, something the Cathedral could not offer before.

The ‘InSpire’ concept, drawing on the Cathedral’s unusual architecture and the desire to have children and adults engage more with the space, was developed by Sean and Clare Greer whose dedication stemmed from the idea of creating an experience that visitors will enjoy and remember.

By creating a fun and new experience for families, the Cathedral wants to encourage visitors to view this space as their own to explore and be proud of, creating new memories that they will cherish.

Through the InSpire Kids’ Trail, children (and adults!) will be inspired by their surroundings, discover something new, and will use their imagination to connect with the rich heritage of the Cathedral.

The InSpire Kids’ Trail will officially be launched on Saturday August 31, and visitors are welcome to come along and celebrate this new development throughout the day.

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