Good Samaritans Service at Belfast Cathedral

Monday February 3rd 2020

Black Santa, Dean Stephen Forde. The 2019 Sit-out raised £170,000.

Belfast Cathedral’s annual Good Samaritans Service will take place on Sunday February 9 at 3.30pm.

Representatives of charities from across Northern Ireland will be awarded funds raised by the Black Santa charity sit-out which took place on the steps of the St Anne’s Cathedral from December 16-24 2019.

The sit-out raised £170,000 thanks to the generosity of the people of Belfast and beyond.

Comedians Tim McGarry and Olivia Nash will be presenting the cheques to the charities, alongside Dean Stephen Forde, at this service which celebrates and supports all of the organisations involved.

Although there is reserved for charity representatives, this is a public service and all are welcome to this celebration.

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